buying for babyBeing prepared before your baby is born will make it much easier on you when you come home from the hospital.

There are so many products and brands on the market it is easy to get carried away but remember having a baby is an expensive time so it’s worth researching what you need, what’s available and compare costs.

Buying a Cot / Moses Basket

When choosing a cot:
  • Look for the label stating that it conforms to European Certification (CE) standards
  • Ensure that the distance between the slats or bars is small enough that a baby’s head can never fit through
  • Choose a crib with a sturdy frame and a strong adjustable base
  • It is recommended that every new baby has a new mattress
  • Ensure the mattress is firm and tight fitting to the edge of the crib with no gap

Buying a Changing Unit

Given the number of nappies you will be changing once your baby arrives it may be worth considering investing in a changing unit.

  • Choose one that is sturdy and easy to use
  • Make sure the unit is the right height for you as you will be leaning over it a lot changing nappies
  • It is important to have space to hold everything you need when changing so you never have to take your hands off the baby

Buying a Buggy/Pram

When choosing a pram or a buggy, look for the following:

  • Easy steering wheels
  • A wide sturdy base to prevent it tipping over
  • A handle height that suits you (and can be adjusted to suit your partner’s height)
  • Easily activated brakes with locks
  • Easy to open and fold, especially if you have stairs up to your home
  • Has storage space at its base (particularly if you need to walk to get the shopping)
  • Can fit in the boot of your car