Some foods should be avoided during pregnancy because they may carry bacteria that could be harmful to your baby.

It is best to avoid the following:

    • Raw or lightly cooked eggs. Ensure the yoke and the white are solid before eating eggs. Avoid homemade mayo or desserts containing raw egg to avoid salmonella
    • Raw or undercooked meat /poultry /shellfish /smoked fish/ cured and smoked meat
    • Liver is rich in retinol (a form of vitamin A). Too much of this type of Vitamin A can be harmful to your baby, so avoid liver and any patés made from livers
    • Unpasturised milk and dairy products made from it



  • Mould ripened soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert, Blue Veined cheese and Ricotta
  • Unwashed fruit and vegetables
  • Shark, Swordfish and Marlin.  These may contain mercury.  Also reduce your intake of tuna to 2 cans or one tuna steak a week
  • Peanuts, if there is a family history of allergies.
  • Limit caffeine drink, including tea, coffee, cola drinks and energy drinks to 3 or 4 small cups a day.