social and emotionalAt 7 months your child will begin to smile and coo at themselves especially in front of a mirror. They will begin to get very attached to you and cry if you go away and leave them with a minder. They will begin to reach for a toy that’s out of reach.

At 9 months your child will start to show feelings of happiness and anger by laughing and screaming and crying.

At 9-12 months your child won’t have much interaction with other babies, by 18 months your child may have progressed to playing beside another baby but probably not yet playing and sharing toys with them. By 18-24 months your child may have progressed to playing with other toddlers.

add to social and emotional (2)At 18 months your child will like to copy you doing household tasks, hovering and dusting, and will get your attention by pulling on your hands or clothes.

You child will be learning to deal with short separations from you without getting upset and maybe start showing signs of resentment if you give any attention to other children.

You child will not like it if you are cross with her and may cry if corrected.

Remember all children are different and develop at different speeds, don’t compare.

These are guidelines only, but if you are in any way concerned please talk to your Public Health Nurse or Doctor.