feeding 9-12By about 10 months your child is ready to move from soft lumps to chewier chunks and they are able to pick up foods and feed themselves.

Add variety by providing a good mix of foods and tastes and try to vary the way you cook.

Instead of frying try grilling, stir frying, steaming and stewing.

Give your baby some raw salads or finger foods.

Healthy finger food options

  • Banana, melon, sliced apple
  • Cooked pasta shapes
  • Carrot sticks
  • Fingers of toast, rice cakes, dry breakfast cereals

feeding 9--12 (2)

  • Sticks of mild cheese
  • Goujons of fish or fish fingers
  • Slices of chicken or turkey
  • A portion of fruit for a toddler is what they can hold in their hand.

Most family meals are suitable for your child but remember to take out their portion before adding salt or seasoning.

Tip: If your child isn’t keen on vegetables you can disguise them with cheese sauce or add to a tomato sauce with pasta.