motor skills 3

Gross Motor

We know that first year of life your infant learns through their senses and in the second year of life they learn through movement

7 months
  • Witnessing greater mobility.
  • Rolling over.
  • Sitting with support.
  • Begin to get into a crawling position on their hands and knees.
9 months
  • Sit up independently.
  • Begin to pull onto the furniture and walk along side.
18 months
  • Can squat to pick up an object from the floor and then stand up again without any support.
  • Now walking.
  • Can climb onto a chair to reach something they want.
24 months
  • Can walk up and down stairs if you hold their hand.
  • Can walk and run well.

Fine Motor

Fine motor (2)

7 months
  • Can reach for and pick up a toy using both hands at once.
  • Will try and pick up a crumb using a thumb and all of their fingers in a raking motion even if aren’t able to pick it up.
9 months
  • Pick up a small toy with only one hand.
  • Can pick it up with the tips of their fingers without dropping it.
18 months
  • Can throw a small bowl with a forward arm motion.
  • Can stack three small blocks one on top of each other.
  • Can get a spoon into their mouth.
24 months
  • Can feed themselves using a spoon without creating too much of a mess.
  • Turn pages of a book.
  • Loves flipping switches on and off.
  • Stack seven small blocks on top of each other.