Childminding Arrangements

If you are returning to work full or part time you may need to consider childcare arrangements. You may be able to share care with your partner or have family helping out, or you may need to consider a nursery, nanny or child-minder.
The type you choose will be what suits you and your baby, facilities available locally, full or part time care, work flexibility and affordability.

Nurseries / Creche

They will typically have a few rooms so your baby will be able to socialise with babies of their own age.

Visit a few in your area and see which one you like best. You will probably need to put baby’s name down on a list as early as possible to secure a place.

Most will be able to provide you with a daily report as to how your child was during the day, feeding, naps, nappies etc.


Some choose baby’s to be looked after in their own home or in a ‘child-minders’ house. The child-minder may be minding other children too.
Trust your instincts as to choosing one suitable for you.

This is a big change for you and for your baby so allow a few weeks for settling in.


This is the most expensive childcare option. The best way to find a nanny is through an agency who will charge a fee for this service. Nannies can be live in or out.

Au pair

An au pair is typically a young girl from abroad coming to study English by living in your home and earning her keep. In return for bed and board she will be available to care for your children for 30 hours a week plus 2 evenings babysitting. As they are generally young with no formal training it is better to leave older children in their care then a new born.