fussy eatersDuring this time of introducing new foods, some food fads may develop.

All children will experience this at some stage, even the good eaters will go through a fussy stage.

Coping with a fussy eater can be very frustrating. Try diffusing this by making mealtimes fun such as a picnic in the garden or a teddy bears tea party.

Tips to help with fussy eaters

  • Create a relaxed environment, it can take up to 10 times before a child will take to a new food.
  • When your child has had enough, remove the food and leave it.
  • Children love finger food so try giving them chopped raw vegetables, fruit, slices of chicken or ham that they can pick up and eat themselves.
  • Children learn from copying their siblings so include them in family meals as much as possible
  • Praise your child when they have eaten well
  • Do not allow your child to graze on too many snacks during the day.
  • Encourage your child to help prepare and shop for meals
  • Do not offer your child large drinks within an hour of a meal
  • Do not offer sweet foods as rewards for eating well