T2 CommunicationAll children develop speech and language at different rates.

This is a guide to what you can expect. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s development, contact your Doctor or Public Health Nurse for advice and referrals.

By 7 months your child will begin to make sounds like ‘da’,’ka’ and ‘ba’.

Observe your child when out of sight and see that your child looks in the direction of your voice.

By 9 months your child may have about 3 words ‘dada’, ‘baba’ ‘no’ and may be able to shake their head to communicate this.

Your child may be able to try and sing nursery rhymes and respond to their own name.

By 18 months your child may have between 6-20 recognisable words. A child will have progressed to be able to point a finger at something they want, and may follow a simple instruction like ‘get your nappy’.

By 24 months your child may be able to put 3 words together, be able to ask for food or a drink if hungry or thirsty and say their own name.

Tips to help your child speak and understand language
  • Remove distractions, TV, iPads, when talking to them, give them your full attention.
  • Bend down to their level, looking at them while talking to them
  • Set time aside to listen to them and don’t rush them
  • Keep your sentences short and simple
  • Do not baby talk, speak to your child like a grown up
  • Play rhyme games, touching ears, nose and mouth etc., this encourages them to concentrate on touch and what to expect with each word.