• feeding 6-9From 6 months onwards the texture of your child’s food should be a thicker consistency.
  • Coughing is normal when lumpier food is first introduced, this will pass as your child becomes used to the thicker consistency.
  • Encourage your child to touch and play with their food, don’t worry about the mess.
  • This is important and will make it easier to introduce soft finger food.
  • Your child’s diet may now also include cereals, bread and pasta, cheese that is pasteurised and yogurt.
  • Never leave your child alone during mealtimes.
  • Do not add salt or sugar to your child’s meals.

IRON is important in a child’s diet to maintain healthy blood and normal growth and development. Recent studies have shown that over half of Irish children under the age of 2 have low levels of iron, which could lead to anemia.

The best sources of iron include red meat, pork, chicken, fish, black pudding, spinach, liver and tinned sardines.

From 6 months onwards give your child cooled, boiled water in a cup or beaker.

Do not give your child tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.