Wind can make your baby feel uncomfortable and even full before they have drunk enough milk.

There are three main positions commonly used for winding, so find which one works best for both you and your baby.

winding 2

Winding Positions

Sitting up

Sit your baby upright on your lap, letting them lean forward slightly.

Place your hand across your baby’s chest, while also supporting their chin, and gently pat and rub their back until the wind eases.

winding (2)Over your shoulder

Put your baby over your shoulder so their bottom is supported by your arm on that side, allowing them to be upright and stretched out.

With your other hand, gently pat or rub their back.

This upright, stretched position is a good one to try to help relieve tense tummies.

winding 3Face down, on your lap

Lay your baby face down on your lap, holding them firmly in place with one hand, while you gently pat or rub their back with your free hand. The gentle pressure from your thighs on their tummy can help move wind.