BF engorgementBreast engorgement may occur between day 3 and 10. Sometimes there is too much extra fluid or more milk than is needed. One or both breasts can feel overfull, tight, shiny, warm, hard and painful and the nipple may be pushed flat by the engorgement and feel firm. Mums may feel their breasts becoming full and uncomfortable in the early days. Feeding you baby will ease the feeling of fullness. The more often you feed the more comfortable you will be. If your breasts feel uncomfortable or are too hard for your baby to attach, warm your breasts with a warm moist wet face cloth or in the shower. This will help your milk to flow. Hand expressing some milk before the feed can also help. If you have concerns, are experiencing difficulties or feel you need more help or advice, contact your midwife, public health nurse or local breastfeeding support group.