making a formula feed

How to make a powered formula feed

There are two main kinds of formula – powdered, which needs to be mixed with water, or ready -made formula which is already mixed.  Information on the safe preparation of your baby’s powdered formula feed is available on this link. or

There will be clear and detailed instructions on how to make up your babies feed on the packaging of the formula container. Make sure to follow these precisely. Your nurse or midwife is there to assist and support you also.

To prepare a bottle feed

Boil fresh tap water in a kettle. When boiled, leave the water to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes, but no longer. This will ensure that the water is not too hot, but also that it is no less than 70°C. Using water warmer than 70°C to make up feeds kills any harmful bacteria that may be present in the formula.

Wash and dry your hands carefully. Clean the work surface well.

Read the instructions on the formula’s label carefully to find out how much water and how much powder you need.

Remove the lid from the sterilizer and turn it upside down. Remove the teat and cap and place them on the upturned lid. Then remove the bottle. These may be rinsed (using the cooled boiled water – not tap) if you wish. Carefully pour the amount of boiled water you need into the bottle, and add the exact amount of formula to the boiled water using the clean scoop provided. Reseal the packaging to protect it from germs and moisture.

Screw the bottle lid tightly and shake well to mix the contents. It is really important to carefully follow the instructions on the preparation of your baby’s formula feed.

To check the feed is not too hot, shake the bottle and place a drop of the liquid on the inside of the wrist, it should feel lukewarm not hot.

After feeding your baby, throw away any feed that your baby has not taken within two hours.


chemical sterilising

For making up a Powdered Formula Feed in advance

It is possible to prepare powdered formula feeds, one feed or more in advance. To do so,

Make each feed up in a sterile bottle by adding the exact amount of powdered infant formula as instructed on the label using the clean scoop provided.

Re-assemble the bottle tightly and carefully as instructed by the bottle manufacturer and shake well to mix the contents, taking care to avoid scalding.


cooling formula feed

To store

Cool the feed quickly to feeding temperature by holding the bottle(s) under cold running tap water or immersing in a large volume of cold tap water. Ensure that the cold water does not reach above the neck of the bottle during cooling.

Wipe the bottles dry with a clean cloth and place them in the back of a refrigerator (operating at max 5°C), not in the door, and use within 24 hours.


feeding formula home

To feed

Remove one bottle from the fridge 30 minutes before the feed is due and leave to stand on the worktop to bring the temperature of the to feed to room temperature. This is the recommended temperature of your baby’s formula feed.

Discard any feed that has not been consumed within two hours of preparation.