Physical Examination

Your newborn baby will be given a routine exam by a Consultant Paediatrician, usually within the first 48 hours after birth. In certain circumstances, it may be done earlier. This is a very important examination as it is the first time that your baby will undergo a complete physical examination from head to toe. The purpose of the examination is to establish that your baby is healthy and normal, both internally and externally. Detecting problems early gives the best chance of effective treatment.

Some of the things the doctor will do are:

  • Listen to your baby’s heart
  • Examine his/her hips
  • Measure the baby’s head circumference and length

Whilst your baby will have a very thorough examination at this time, please be aware that not all conditions affecting infants can be detected at this stage. Once discharged from the hospital please seek medical advice or attention if you are not happy about any aspect of your baby’s wellbeing.