The World Health Authority recommends keeping baby in the parents room with them, in their own cot or moses basket for the first 6 months of life.

When choosing a cot

  • Make sure it has no more than 2.5 inches between slats / bars to prevent your baby’s head getting trapped
  • That the mattress is clean firm and tight fitting so the baby can’t get trapped between it and the side of the cot
  • Keep cot empty from anything that could cause suffocation – no pillows, duvets or stuffed toys and remove all plastic covering

One of the most common causes of accidents for new babies is falling off changing units or other high places.

To avoid this:

  • Choose a changing unit that’s sturdy
  • Always keep one hand on baby when changing, even when turning round
  • Keep everything you need within arm’s reach
  • Never leave baby alone on changing table
  • Change your baby on the floor if this is suitable