why babies cryAll babies cry and some babies cry a lot. Crying is your baby’s only way of telling you that something is wrong – it’s how they communicate. You should always respond when a newborn cries and, with time, you will begin to decode their language and work out why your baby is crying.

Checklist for Crying

Babies cry for lots of reasons, but usually it is because they want something. In any given day, the average newborn cries for two to three hours.

It might be because your newborn:
  • is hungry
  • is wet or has a dirty nappy
  • has wind
  • has colic
  • is hot or cold
  • is frightened by their new environment
  • doesn’t like bright lights or loud noises
  • is uncomfortable – perhaps baby’s clothes are too tight
  • is over tired or over stimulated
  • Is bored, lonely, or
  • wants to play

If you think your baby might be ill, contact your doctor, midwife or public health nurse.