colic webeditedWhen babies cry for long periods of time for no apparent reason, this is referred to as colic.
Although the exact cause of colic is still unknown, some factors that might play a part include;
air swallowed during feeding, trapped wind from crying or, overfeeding.

Signs of Colic include
  • Inconsolable crying for long periods ( 3 or more hours a day at least 3 days a week )
  • Piercing screaming noise
  • Drawing their legs up to the chest
  • Tummy distended or prominent
Although there is no cure for colic, there are some ways to soothe your baby:
  • Let them suck on your clean finger
  • Rock them gently in your arms
  • Wind thoroughly during and after feeding
  • Bring the baby for a drive or a walk

mid way colicNEVER shake your baby! This is very dangerous.

Although all babies cry, there are times when crying may be a sign of illness. Trust your instincts, most parents know when their baby is unwell.

If you are at all concerned seek advice from your GP or health visitor.

Especially for the first few months of a newborns life, if in doubt, check it out.