when to call doctor

Seek medical help and call your doctor if your baby:
  • Has a fever above 38 ° C/ 100°F (37.5 °C if newborn)
  • Is not hungry for 2 consecutive feeds
  • Has prolonged vomiting (for 12 hours or more)
  • Has diarrhoea for more than 12 hours
  • Has a high pitched cry for 2 or more hours
  • Has dry nappies and doesn’t seem to be passing as much urine as normal
  • Has cold skin
  • Appears drowsy or unusually quiet or limp / sleepy or lethargic

  • Neck is rigid or still
  • Has a rash especially red or purple spots that don’t disappear when pressed with a glass
  • Has a fit or convulsion
  • Has pink, watery or sticky eyes
  • Has blood in his / her urine or stools
  • Has breathing difficulties or rapid breathing
  • Has long fits of coughing

Young babies are very vulnerable. Always call the doctor if you are in doubt.