It is important to keep fit and active in pregnancy.

Your body is designed for pregnancy and there is no reason it shouldn’t naturally progress into labour and birth.
Some tips that may help labour start naturally after 37 weeks include;

Raspberry tea.

‘Alternative Therapies’ such as reflexology and acupuncture. Always consult with a qualified professional.

Sexual intercourse – if your waters haven’t broken.

Avoid old wives tales such as castor oil and hot baths as there is no evidence to support them and they can cause stomach upsets.

If you go beyond your due date a vaginal examination will be arranged and a ‘membrane sweep’ may be considered.
A ‘membrane sweep’ is where we place a gloved finger into the neck of the womb and perform a sweeping motion.
This movement may stimulate oxytocin which may trigger natural labour.

If the first sweep does not trigger labour a second sweep may be offered a few days later.