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Baby Acne

Baby acne is a common condition in newborn babies.  The most common time for it to present is within the first two to four weeks after birth.

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What we know about Colic

Colic is never a quick diagnosis. Generally, if your baby cries for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks, they have colic.

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Learning about Meningitis

The HSE have advised the public to be extra vigilant regarding meningococcal Meningitis/ Septicaemia after an increase in meningococcal disease in Ireland over the past few weeks.

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Teething is the emergence of the first teeth through a baby’s gums. For the majority of infants, teething starts between four and seven months of age.

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Cry Baby

All babies cry and some babies cry a lot. Crying is your baby’s only way of telling you that something is wrong – it’s how they communicate.

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Newborn Ailments

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is a very exciting time but, it can also be nerve-racking, especially for first-time parents.

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