Parents are required by law to register the birth of their child.

A birth can be registered at any Civil Registration Office.

You should register the birth of your child within three months of their birth where possible.
However, you have up to 12 months to register the birth.
Birth certificates are required for many purposes such as enrolling a child in school, child support payments and applying for a passport.

To register your baby’s birth:

• Download, print and complete the Birth Registration Application form (pdf) from
Post or email the completed form to your chosen Civil Registration Office.

The birth certificate contains the information on the child and the parents given at the time of registration, so it is important that the information you give is accurate. It is difficult to change the details after the initial registration.

You must also attend the office to sign the Register of Births to complete the process.
Your child’s birth will not be processed until you sign the register.

You can book your appointment online or by phone.

Alternatively, you can bring the completed form to your appointment at the Civil Registration Office.
There are different requirements for birth registration if the couple are not married to each other so it is strongly advised to contact your local Civil Registration Office for advice.
There is no fee charged for the registration of the birth but a €20 fee applies for a standard birth certificate.
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